What is a virtual PBX?

What exactly is a virtual PBX – and how can your company benefit from a brilliant PBX solution? We sort out the concepts!

Virtual PBX and cloud PBX – are those the same thing?

Yes, that's right! A virtual PBX system, or cloud PBX, is an infrastructure that includes all of your company's communication – both internally, between colleagues, and externally, with your customers.


With a virtual PBX, you can make and receive calls just as if the PBX was physically present at your workplace – but without having to manage it yourself. Your supplier continuously updates your PBX so you always have access to the latest technology.


A virtual PBX is, in many ways, an obvious choice for companies that want to be agile and cost-effective.


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Smooth collaboration

A virtual PBX in the cloud gives your team the conditions for better internal collaboration and higher productivity. Thanks to various functions such as chat, video conferencing, and integrations with other systems, working days have become more accessible and efficient.


The right virtual PBX makes it easy to manage your internal communication. Customize availability, easily access colleagues' contact details, and chat with co-workers.

Professional customer service

A smart PBX service will provide happier customers! How? Well, with smart referrals and interactive voice response (IVR), your customers get faster and better help and end up directly with the right person. And if there is no one on-site to take the call at the time, with a well-functioning PBX, it’s easy to set up and activate the correct voice response message that tells you what is going on.

Enabling remote working

A virtual PBX makes it easy to work remotely or on the go. A cloud PBX gives you freedom, as all PBX functions are available on your mobile: Change your opening hours, adjust your availability, and forward calls. It simplifies your working day wherever you are – whether from your home office or on the train.


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What functions are included in a virtual PBX?

A good cloud PBX includes several vital functions that make the working day easier and more efficient and improve customer communication. Here are some examples of what is included in the PBX with us at Telavox:


In summary: A virtual PBX gives your employees optimal conditions to communicate in the best way – both with each other and with your customers.

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