7 tips for a professional welcome message

First impressions matter – not least when your customers call you. But if you're not there to respond, what do they hear then? Hopefully, a professional welcome message. Here's how to do it!

The importance of a welcome message

The welcome message is something that's easy to take for granted, but it's more important than people think. Not only does it give the caller important information, such as your opening hours, but it also signals what you're like as a company. Don't underestimate the first impression!

A large company can seem unprofessional if the recorded welcome message has poor sound quality, is unprofessional, or contains incorrect information. Conversely, a small company can appear larger and more professional with a message that's thought-through and welcoming.

But what's worse than a subpar welcome message is not having a welcome message at all. Then, the customer will doubt whether they are even calling the right company. You risk them calling a competitor, and then you've lost a valuable deal!

To keep that from happening, we've compiled 7 tips for recording the best possible welcome message.

7 tips for a great welcome message:

  1. Before you record: write a short script that you can go back to should you lose track. It also makes it easier for your to gather all necessary information.
  2. Get inspired by other companies' welcome messages. What are they saying that works?
  3. Tailor the message to your target audience as well as you can. What do they want to hear first? Your opening hours or the address to your website?
  4. When your PBX is closed, make sure to state your opening hours. And don't forget to mention the holidays!
  5. Speak loud, clear, and slowly. No stress.
  6. Make sure that you're in a quiet and preferably sound-proofed room without background noises interrupting the recording. You don't want a colleague's phone or the coffee machine to ruin a good take.
  7. Listen to the message when you're done. Did it turn out well? If not, you can just re-record it.

Alright, now you hopefully have a professional welcome message. Well done!

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