Why should you integrate ticketing with your telephony?

One of the best tools for managing customer interactions is a ticketing system. These systems help businesses track, manage, and resolve issues systematically, ensuring no query goes unanswered. Here, we look at the benefits of a ticketing system and why you should integrate it with your telephony solution.

Benefits of a ticketing system

Using a ticketing system for your support team offers numerous advantages that can transform how a company handles customer service and internal processes:


  • Improved customer satisfaction:
    Tickets ensure every customer query is logged and tracked, leading to timely resolutions and happier customers.

  • Enhanced efficiency:
    Automating ticket assignments and tracking reduces manual effort, allowing teams to focus on resolving issues rather than managing workflows.

  • Better insights:
    Comprehensive reporting and analytics help identify patterns, peak times, and areas for improvement, enabling data-driven decisions.

  • Streamlined communication:
    A central platform for all customer interactions ensures consistent communication and reduces the chances of miscommunication.

Integrating ticketing with company telephony

Ticketing systems offer even greater value when integrated with company telephony systems by centralising communication and resolution processes. Incoming calls can be converted into tickets, ensuring all customer interactions are logged and tracked. This integration enhances customer service by providing a seamless experience where every call is accounted for and follow-ups are systematically managed.


Introducing Telavox's feature Tickets

For businesses seeking a lightweight yet powerful support ticketing solution, Telavox’s Tickets feature is a perfect choice. Tickets is designed to integrate seamlessly with Telavox’s telephony services and provides a streamlined approach to managing incoming calls and customer queries.

Key features of Tickets:

  • Automatic ticket creation: Tickets can be created automatically from calls in a queue, ensuring no call goes untracked.
  • Status management: Easily change the status of a ticket (open/closed) to keep track of unresolved issues.
  • Assignment flexibility: Assign tickets to yourself or a colleague, ensuring the right person handles each query.
  • Internal notes: Take detailed internal notes for better knowledge sharing and quicker resolution.
  • Activity log: Keep track of all actions taken on a ticket with an activity log.
  • SMS replies: Reply to mobile callers via SMS (additional charges apply), providing a quick and convenient response method.
  • Interaction history: View previous interactions to provide context and continuity in customer service.
  • Colleague mentions: Mention colleagues in a ticket to involve experts and facilitate collaboration.


With Telavox’s Tickets feature, businesses can boost their customer service capabilities by ensuring that every call and query is managed efficiently. This solution is ideal for companies that need a straightforward, easy-to-implement ticketing system that integrates with their existing telephony setup.


Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, choosing the right support ticketing system can significantly impact customer service quality and operational efficiency. Telavox’s Tickets feature provides a robust, integrated solution that simplifies ticket management and enhances your ability to serve your customers effectively.

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