5 reasons to connect your telephony with Teams

If you use Microsoft Teams, you know that there are lots of possibilities for communication – from chat to video meetings to email and collaborative documents. But did you know that Teams is also a perfect platform for managing your company telephony? In this post, we’ll tell you more about the benefits!

1. A complete platform for communication

By connecting Telavox to Teams, you’ll quickly discover the advantages of having everything at the same place and still be as available as before. You and your colleagues can use the same platform when you communicate and collaborate, without any hassle. You can call free of charge, chat, and transfer calls between the Nordics and the UK, just as if you were in the same room.

To have your telephony in Teams also means that you won’t have to juggle different interfaces, remember logins or keep track of in which channel you talked about what before. This will make you more effective in meetings, both with colleagues and customers.


With everything in one system, you’ll not only have access to your colleagues’ numbers and mail – it’ll also be easier to save contact information in one place.

Teams is all about collaboration, and one of the features is that you can invite clients to your meetings, directly in the system. You can let them read chat messages, and even work live in the same document as you’re on the phone. Effective communication – all in one place!

2. Overview and control of your telephony

A competent PBX system is one of the best tools to make your communication more efficient – internally, as well as with your customers and collaborators. With all your telephony in Teams, it’s also easy to manage your calls. The possibilities are almost endless. For example, you can do the following:

  • Decide which number to show when making outbound calls.
  • Call all of your contacts directly to their mobile or fixed number – regardless if they have Teams or not.
  • Decide if you want to answer incoming calls in Teams, your mobile, or through your computer’s softphone.
  • Manage your profiles directly in Teams: switch transfers, change your voice messages or add an out of office notice.
  • See a list of incoming calls and listen to previously recorded conversations.


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3. Automatic sync between all devices

Another benefit of having your telephony in Teams is the efficient synchronisation that Microsoft offers between their tools. Calendars and contacts are automatically updated in both your mobile phone and computer. That way, all information in both in- and outgoing calls is correct.

Plus, your phone will sync directly with your calendar bookings, meaning that if someone calls you when you’re in a meeting, they’ll be informed of when you’ll be available. Another option for when you’re busy is to transfer the call directly to the queue or a colleague. This is a lifesaver that you don’t want to be without once you start using it!

4. Seamless integration with telephony and other systems

The benefits of collecting the company’s telephony in one place isn’t just related to getting an overview and smart synchronisation. Teams also offers integrations with hundreds of tools and apps that a lot of companies use daily. Apart from Microsoft’s own tools, like Outlook with mail and calendars, it’s just as easy to merge everything from analytical tools to case management systems into Teams. The extensive possibilities provide departments with a wide array of advantages, not least for the ones with daily customer contact.

For example, with an integrated CRM system, your customer service can see who’s calling since their contact card will appear when they’re calling in. That way, it’s easy to provide them with effective support directly. A plus is that you’ll never again have to switch between programs and browser windows to find the right info – everything’s a click away in Teams!

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5. Stats and analytics directly in Teams

With a smart telephony system that’s integrated with Teams, it’s easy to get comprehensive stats to evaluate how you actually work. What do you do right, and what can you do better? With your telephony in Teams, you’ll also connect to Power BI, in which it’s easy to analyse data on how many clients have called, your answer time, and the number of tickets to customer service.

At the same time, you can see how Teams is being used internally and how it impacts your efficiency. With Power BI, you can also create your own statistical reports to use when it’s time to update and optimise your internal routines.

Summary: Here's why you should connect your telephony with Teams 

Integrating Teams and telephony will boost your workdays. Make calls directly in Teams, get access to all of Telavox's functions, and have it all in a user-friendly interface.

Here are the 5 benefits:

1. All your communication in one system.

2. Complete control of your call flow.

3. Automatic sync between devices.

4. Seamless integration between apps.

5. Stats directly in Teams.

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