How to use your company's PBX stats in the best way possible

How do you use the stats from your company's PBX? Do you just look at how you can answer faster or reduce the call length? Or do you think of what really matters to the customers? Elin Thiman, Customer Success Manager at Telavox, explains the best way to use your phone call stats.

A lot of companies spend their time on reducing wait times from, say, 1,5 minutes to 1 minute and 10 seconds. However, it doesn't necessarily make for happier customers.

Elin Thiman, Customer Success Manager at Telavox.


"Always start by digging deeper into what people expect of and need from your company. Is it that the customer service answers in 5 seconds, or is it that you're available after 19:00?" Elin Thiman says.

Service – the most crucial number in stats

Elin talks about the importance of using the insights from the cloud PBX stats during scheduling.

"Do you have long phone queues in the afternoon, while the team is twiddling their thumbs by noon? Perhaps you need to staff differently to maintain a high service level", she says.

Another thing that can make both employees and customers happy is something as simple as changing your opening hours.

"By changing the opening hours of the customer service from 8–18 instead of 9–17, you spread out the number of calls and the workload over the day. This also gives your employees more flexible working hours", Elin says.

By looking at the stats, you can create better conditions, both internally and towards your clients.

"It's when you start working with the stats, instead of relying on instincts, that you really get better results", Elin says.

Gather the team around the joint performance

Another critical factor when it comes to stats and PBX is to focus on the team instead of making comparisons on an individual level.

It's often more motivating for customer service to work towards a common goal than to pit the employees' achievements against each other.

"Before you decide to display a high score list on screens around the office, look at the stats as a basis for discussion. Why do some calls average 3 minutes, while others 45 seconds, despite being about the same thing?" Elin says.


Shorter calls don't necessarily have to be better. Sometimes, the opposite can be true. Longer calls can make for improved relations and added sales.

"It's crucial to reflect on why the stats are as they are. That way, it gets more enjoyable for the employees to work towards a common goal. Then, it won't matter if Jonas "only" has made 3 calls in the time that Jenny has made 10 calls", Elin concludes.

How's your cloud PBX doing?

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