How to achieve more with the help of a Customer Success Manager

User-friendly products are a must for customers as they don't constantly have to be dependent on an external actor. But Telavox's research shows that personal service is still essential. Here you will find out more about Telavox Customer Success Managers.


Telavox's research shows that our Customer Success Managers' service is the most appreciated, especially among large companies. Lack of service can have clear consequences, and we saw that customers' demands for customer service changed enormously during the pandemic.


A Customer Success Manager's primary mission is to focus on the customer. They are responsible for delivery, training, management, and development and must provide customers with proactive solutions. Anders Bengtsson works as a Customer Success Manager in the Telavox Enterprise department and has many years of experience in the telecom industry.


"I think it's because most customers need a little guidance. Not just at the beginning of a relationship but for a longer period. We also fully understand that everyone has different needs. Some are not used to self-service," says Anders.

There’s always a way in

With Telavox Customer Success Managers, customers don't have to categorize their questions but receive help from the same person regardless of the issue.


"It places higher demands on us to be able to handle many different areas. The goal is to make the customer as satisfied and independent as possible. It's a broad role, but I think the job becomes more dynamic, and you always learn. And to get the personal contact is worth its weight in gold," says Anders.

Anders Bengtsson, Key Account Manager at the Telavox Enterprise department.

The customer must feel safe

Personal service provides secure customers. A well-functioning telephony solution is a must for most businesses. A secure system is essential, but help must be provided when needed.


"A telephony solution is business critical for most companies, and our clients must feel that the system is secure and that we are there to support. Customer Success Managers are there from the start and always onboard the customer. In the first stage, the customers' administrators must receive relevant training on Telavox's platform. And also that the users receive information about any changes and new opportunities that the shift entails with the new solution," says Anders.


A Customer Success Manager's work is also mainly about strategic advice. They must ensure that the customer has the best and most affordable solution and uses the service optimally based on the customer's actual needs.


"We can see if the company's employees use the app to the fullest or if the customer hasn't activated new functions. Then I can contact the customer and provide guidance for an even better, customized solution," says Anders.

Telavox is developed on customer feedback

This type of insight that Customer Success Managers receive on a daily basis also benefits Telavox.


"The information develops and pushes us to become better and more responsive to our customers' needs. We collect questions and feedback and pass them on to our development department so that they, in turn, can further develop the product," says Anders.

JLL was impressed by Telavox's level of customer service

JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle) is a world leader in property consultancy and has been a Telavox customer since 2015. The company has over 80,000 employees worldwide, of which 200 are in the Nordics.


As soon as JLL signed an agreement with Telavox, they were assigned a Customer Success Manager. Ackim Axelsson Canay, Service Delivery Manager at JLL, says:


"He was very nice and had a lot of experience. He came to us in Stockholm from Gothenburg. The first task was to get all companies to decide on a telephony solution. We had to keep track of when the respective framework agreements expired. Then we hunted down operators, found organization and telephone numbers, and completed the number series. It was pure detective work."

“I'm still fascinated by the strategy”

Before all practical matters began, Ackim says there was a lot of theory and training in the new system, which made him confident.


"I'm still fascinated by the strategy. There was a thought behind every step. We did everything together – created the blueprint and discussed how to set up the cloud PBX. I was able to get an early idea of how the end result would be."


The Telavox Customer Success Manager also got a workstation at JLL for a couple of days.


"We informed the employees in advance and sent out SIM cards. Our Customer Success Manager was there, and people had the opportunity to turn to him directly if they had any questions."


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Never experienced such personal commitment

Ackim says that until now, he has never experienced the same personal commitment from any other operator. He has had no personal contact with the other operators in that way and the waiting times were long.


"You are one of a thousand subscribers, and it's frustrating to be stuck in a phone queue or other queues for that matter, be it chat or email. With the previous supplier, I could wait 20 minutes."

Ackim Axelsson Canay, Service Delivery Manager at JLL.

Ackim has never had a problem getting hold of Telavox

"I can count on the fingers of one hand the times I've had to wait more than two minutes over the years. Our current Customer Success Manager is Anders Bengtsson, and if he is busy, there is always a backup. I get the impression that everyone knows our business well."


Here, Anders Bengtsson gives his four best tips on the requirements you should place on your supplier's customer service/contact person:


  1. Ensure that your supplier understands your business and your challenges so that you can form a long-term collaboration. A supplier should not just sell.
  2. Demand that the telephony provider simplifies the complicated. The supplier must be professional and able to offer something simple and user-friendly, even if there is advanced technology behind it.
  3. Work proactively together! Problems or "potholes" always occur on the road in telecom. A supplier must have the courage to give advice, bring things up, and withstand criticism. The customers' input must be hugely important to a supplier. That is when the supplier develops.
  4. Have fun throughout the journey together! A supplier who is a bit personable and can also fulfill their soft values, such as being helpful and friendly, makes everything much more enjoyable.

This is the Telavox support department:

  • A Customer Success Manager's main task is to have the customer in focus and has overall responsibility for, among other things, delivery, training, management, and development.
  • The Customer Success Manager also has a strategic advisory function and must provide customers with proactive solutions. Make sure the customer uses the product in the best possible way and that the customers have the most affordable and efficient solution adapted to their particular business.
  • The support department is divided into SOHO/SME (0-69 users) and Mid-market/Enterprise (70+ users), meaning customers receive advice and expertise best suited to their business needs!
  • When customers call their Customer Success Manager, the average response time is 23 seconds.
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