4 mistakes people make when purchasing telephony for a business

Is it time to update your company’s PBX and telephony services? If so, then there are things to be aware of - so you don’t end up falling into one of the most common pitfalls. Here are four classic mistakes to watch out for.

1. Not specifying the correct requirements from the supplier

One of the biggest mistakes many people make when it comes to buying telephony and PBX services is not specifying precise enough requirements at the start. In the worst case scenario, you may sign a contract in the belief that you are buying something, only to subsequently find that the supplier is unable to live up to your expectations. To be able to see the real benefits of the service you are considering buying, you need to have an insight into how it works in reality.

Request a test environment that includes direct contact with people working in the system on a daily basis. A good example is to set up a joint test group where both the supplier and you as the customer are represented. In this way you set requirements for the supplier at an early stage and you get "best practice" for your particular business. Keep in mind that the supplier is the expert and that there is no such thing as a stupid question.

2. The wrong people in the decision-making process

Being careful and involving the right people from the outset is a critical factor in the purchase of new solutions. One common mistake is to only set up an isolated project group for the work, or have the management, steering group or IT department handle the entire process on their own. But it is not exclusively these people who are going to work with the solution in the end. Instead, be sure to involve users from different parts of your business at an early stage – otherwise there is a considerable risk that once everything is activated, many of them will lack the essential features required for their work.

3. Too much focus on costs

A common mistake in all forms of procurement is that decision-makers tend to put too much emphasis on the costs – and forget to consider the big picture. It is not just the traffic prices or licensing costs that should determine which solution you choose, but how everything will work in the long term, as your company evolves. Saving some money on a cheaper data plan is unimportant if the users have to spend precious time navigating through a complicated system.

Ask for help from your supplier – they will be able to help and tell you how telephony and PBX should be adapted over time and grow together with your company. When you take a long-term and overall perspective, the price tag on the quotation will not be as crucial.

4. Expecting everything to run smoothly

When you have a nice project plan and a neatly packaged product presented to you, it is common to also expect a flawless experience – but there will always be pitfalls along the way. Having a long-term perspective at the time of procurement is therefore not only important for ensuring the company will be able to grow, but also for you to be sure that the supplier can follow you all the way.

Set requirements for follow-up right from the start – for example, do you want to be able to change the queuing system and make adjustments to the PBX on your own in the future? If this is the case, then the supplier must demonstrate the potential for doing this now. Choose a partner who can tolerate some criticism and make the complex simple. This will make the journey much smoother.

Proactive work is the key to good results

Telephony and PBX are an important core element in many companies and if you are not careful can easily lead to spiralling costs, dissatisfaction and alienation. Involve several employees right from the start and choose a partner who can tailor the solution to your company – both now and in the future. The keyword is proactiveness. Invest some extra time in doing a proper needs analysis and preparing a clear specification requirement before you make a decision, and be sure to work closely with your supplier. Good collaboration = customer success!

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