3 reasons to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with your telephony

Have you considered a Microsoft Dynamics 365 telephony integration? Having your CRM tightly connected to your telephony solution has several benefits. Here we describe some of them, and how the integration can benefit the entire organisation.

What Microsoft Dynamics 365 is all about

Microsoft Teams is the fastest growing app in Microsoft’s history. Because of the tight integration with Office 365, Teams has been a popular choice for many companies already using Word and Excel daily. And a standard option is to add the CRM Microsoft Dynamics 365 to the equation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was released in 2016, the successor to Dynamics CRM, which besides a CRM, also included ERP Dynamics AX. The on-premises application includes extensions for sales, customer service, marketing, field service, and project service automation. 

3 paramount reasons for telephony and Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration 

If you’re using Dynamics without integrating telephony, you will obviously need to switch between the different platforms. For instance, when someone’s calling, you need to fetch the contact information in your CRM before being able to help the caller.

There are many reasons to integrate your telephony and cloud PBX with your CRM system. The integration means that you can access all telephony functions and your PBX from inside your CRM platform and thereby won’t need to switch between the two systems.

More specifically, what are the benefits of integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365? If you look at it from a broader perspective, you see benefits like:

  • Increase productivity by streamlining daily tasks.
  • The increased productivity will, in return, save valuable time.
  • Use that saved time to let agents focus on the actual conversations.


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How different teams benefit from the integration 

If we go more into detail, we can also highlight the separate benefits each team gets from the integration.


Support & sales teams

  • Saves time on all calls as they don’t have to spend as much time handling the CRM. 
  • They get one accessible interface that gathers the CRM and telephony.
  • They can easily make and receive calls from their computer. With call controls, they remain in the same interface and can focus on the actual call instead of having to switch between different programs.
  • Automatic caller identification in the CRM allows for a smoother customer experience as they can see information about the customer and previous problems they might have faced.

The IT department

  • The easy instalment and implementation will be appreciated.
  • Enhanced security as users usually only need to login to one single interface after the implementation.


  • Telephony activities are gathered in the CRM, ready to be used for statistics reporting.
  • Saves time on inbound and outbound calls. As all customer information is so easily accessible, you always know who you’re talking to and can save time as you can get straight to the point. 
  • Gets a clear overview of all agents in the CRM.

Integrating Telavox with Microsoft Dynamics 365

By integrating Telavox with Microsoft Dynamics 365, you get all of those previously mentioned benefits, like displaying all relevant customer information when a customer contacts you, making it easier for employees to provide a personal and helpful customer experience. We also offer additional features, like:

  • An embedded softphone with full capabilities.
  • Get all applicable contact information from your CRM in a pop-up.
  • Create new contacts with a single click.
  • The queue management you’ve been looking for.
  • If you use Microsoft SSO with Telavox, you get increased security.
  • The integration is fully integrated with the desktop app, meaning all new features we build for the desktop in the future will also show up in the integration! 

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Summary: Microsoft Dynamics 365 telephony integration

Regardless of the telephony provider, an integration between your telephony and Microsoft Dynamics 365 will benefit the entire organisation. Save time, increase productivity and streamline daily tasks.

Telavox is easily integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, and we’re happy to help you set it up. If you’re already a customer of ours, your admin users can install the integration in the App Directory. Admins use the App Directory to view and install third-party software integrations. Besides Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can, among others, find integrations with Freshdesk and Salesforce. Are you using HubSpot as a CRM? Read about the perks of connecting HubSpot with your telephony solution


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