Zendesk telephony integration – easier than you may think

Are you using Zendesk as a CRM and thinking about a telephony integration? It’s a great way towards an improved customer experience and internal efficiency, and the integration process is easily done.

An introduction to Zendesk

Zendesk is the CRM of choice for over 100,000 companies, dedicated explicitly to empowering customer service and sales teams and creating a solid customer experience. The CRM stands on two legs: sales and service. 

Zendesk Sell

  • Keep better track of incoming leads.
  • Complete overview of sales reporting and analytics.
  • Sales reps can quickly get a full view of all customer information.

Zendesk Service

  • Makes it easier for customers to reach out from their preferred channel.
  • Allows customers to solve issues themselves.
  • Tools enabling teams to work better together.

Benefits and downsides to Zendesk

The Zendesk platform is open and scalable, making it easy for companies of all sizes to adapt it to their business. One of the most popular features of Zendesk is the live chat solution.


A possible downside to Zendesk is that the CRM can have a relatively steep learning curve. It is also best suited for larger companies, and smaller and medium-sized companies might find it too costly.

Reasons for integrating Zendesk with your telephony

Integrating your most-used apps can both reduce the workload and improve efficiency. Communicating with colleagues and customers gets boosted as your programs can better communicate. We believe integrating your cloud PBX with your CRM is a brilliant idea, regardless of what CRM or telephony solution you use. You’ll see benefits such as:

  • Happy customers – as they get personalised and fast help thanks to agents having all customer and case information accessible at all times.
  • Satisfied agents – much of the tedious, time-consuming manual work will be taken care of automatically, meaning they can spend time on more value-bringing tasks.
  • Streamlined work environment – agents don’t have to spend time going back and forth between several platforms anymore.

Using Zendesk with Telavox as a telephony solution

If you use Zendesk and Telavox as your telephony provider, you’ll get a bunch of benefits, like:

  • Contact look-up – all necessary contact information at hand at all times.
  • Queue management – easily handle availability and queue membership. 
  • Softphone – the integration means you get all the Telavox functionality within Zendesk, such as complete softphone capabilities that make collaboration between colleagues much easier.
  • One-click creation – form contacts, tickets, or accounts in a single click.
  • Profiles – with profiles, you can easily see if colleagues are in a meeting or at lunch break and when they intend to be back.
  • Transfer calls between colleagues and queues for better customer support.
  • Pick calls from queues to help your colleagues when service levels are low.


With our add-on solution, CC PRO, you also unlock the possibility to create dashboards over a team or different queues to see service levels and detect when you want to add more members to different queues.


The integration between Telavox and Zendesk is effortless, and the only thing you need to set up is a paid Zendesk account with Administrator rights and CRM Integration user add-on for Telavox Fixed or Mobile user licence.


Telavox is available in the Zendesk marketplace, where you’ll find all third-party applications.


Integrating your CRM and telephony is a simple way of taking your company’s communication to the next level. Zendesk is a great CRM, but if you’re using another one, we’ve gathered some information about other choices as well: 


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