Get started with Salesforce telephony integration

Salesforce is a powerful CRM that can be made even more potent through telephony integration. By letting your telephony solution and Salesforce become best friends, you simultaneously get happier customers and employees.

The rise of Salesforce

Salesforce has for several years been the most popular CRM for businesses wanting to strengthen customer relationships and increase sales. Their CRM solution offers Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Platform. 


Salesforce is a popular choice as you can substantially improve your relationships with customers thanks to an array of functions, and all data is gathered in one user-friendly platform. Employees can work more efficiently, and because of its scalability, it is easy to make changes and adapt to new conditions. 


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Downsides to Salesforce

Although Salesforce is the most popular CRM choice at the time of writing, it might not be the best choice for all companies. It can be too expensive for smaller companies with a lot of functionalities they might not use. The configuration and setup process can also be quite complex and time-consuming. However, it’s possible to enhance Salesforce’s functionality by integrating it with other platforms, such as your telephony provider.

3 significant benefits of a Salesforce and telephony integration

Integrating your telephony, including cloud PBX, with your CRM leads to perks like higher internal productivity, efficiency, and communication.

  1. Get all customer information presented to you at the moment of the call. Your agents can help solve issues faster, giving the customer a better experience.
  2. You can create powerful reports as all call data is stored in Salesforce after the telephony is integrated.
  3. The integration means you can access all CRM data and telephony functions in one interface wherever you are – thereby providing you with a more flexible workplace that allows for remote working.


Other Telavox CRM integrations:

Salesforce <3 Telavox

Combining Salesforce with Telavox is a clever choice as colleagues can communicate better internally and with customers. Here are some of the most appreciated benefits:

  • Handle your PBX queues directly in Salesforce.
  • Increased efficiency as agents get all necessary information about a caller directly. 
  • Contact look-up – when someone's calling, the agent gets a pop-up with all the necessary information collected directly from your ticketing system. It also works the other way around; you can place a call straight from a contact card.
  • Full softphone capabilities – meaning you can place, receive, and transfer calls in your ticketing system as the Telavox web app is embedded.
  • One-click creation – create a new contact, ticket, or account for new callers with one click.
  • Agents will experience less headache for sure, but you can also count on an overall enhanced customer experience. Agents can focus on the conversation itself, not needing to look up contacts or search for more information.


Find Telavox in Salesforces’ AppExchange, their app marketplace for third-party applications.


Salesforce is a trustworthy CRM to rely on for both improving sales and customer service. But if you want to take your company to the next level, you should also consider integrating it with your telephony.

Read more about the integration with Telavox, like how to configure users and add CTI to the Salesforce app, or get in touch with us for more information.

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