4 benefits of integrating telephony with HubSpot

A HubSpot telephony integration improves internal productivity and saves time that you previously spent on manual tasks. Sounds pretty good, right? In this blog post, we dig deeper into the rationale behind integrating your telephony system with HubSpot and the benefits that come with it.

HubSpot and its impact on marketing and sales

HubSpot is the world-leading CRM system for inbound marketing and sales. One of the company’s founders, ​​Brian Halligan, was actually the one who coined the term “inbound marketing” in 2005.

HubSpot offers a great way for companies to unify marketing, sales, CMS, and customer service, with over 135,000 customers in more than 120 countries.


The main reason behind HubSpot’s success is that they changed the way marketing was done by showing how inbound marketing was a new way forward, reducing the need for cold calls.

In short, inbound marketing means attracting customers to you as they look for answers to their problems, allowing you to create long-lasting relationships with your customers. HubSpot works well for most companies, especially those in niche industries with target groups that are hard to reach by more traditional marketing approaches.

Limitations in HubSpot

Besides HubSpot’s CRM features, they offer the possibility to call through VoIP within HubSpot in their VoIP software. You can automatically make calls and log them directly on contact records within the HubSpot CRM. However, since HubSpot is not a dedicated telephony platform, these features come with limitations.


If you’re looking for a more advanced and powerful telephony solution, we recommend that instead of using your CRM’s native tools, you use a solution specifically dedicated to telephony. But don’t worry, we’re not suggesting maintaining two separate systems  – you should integrate! Let a world-leading CRM platform meet a telephony system that lives up to its reputation! 

4 benefits of HubSpot telephony integrations

If you’re intrigued by the idea of integrating HubSpot and your telephony solution, let’s go over four essential benefits.


1. Do everything in one platform

Reducing the number of business communication tools and picking solutions that are easy to integrate with each other comes with benefits like improved efficiency for your employees and usually an overall appreciation for not having to use as many tools.

Another significant advantage is that instead of using several tools in their respective platforms, you use a single platform. So instead of switching between HubSpot and your telephony solution, you can manage internal and external communication in the same place.


2. All customer information – available at all times

Having access to customer info during calls is helpful for agents, as they don’t have to switch between several applications during an interaction and can stay dedicated to the actual conversation. Less distraction – more satisfaction!

Your primary concern should be to bring value to your customers. By integrating, you can create a more personalised and efficient interaction.


Learn more about how support teams can reduce time-to-resolution.


3. Reduce manual data-entry requirements

Reducing manual work is a common time-saver in these days of automation. With a telephony integration with HubSpot, you can remove a lot of that mundane data entry needed to keep data consistent. Since information is automatically gathered from your system, you save time and agents spend less time chasing information.


4. Powerful telephony supporting your CRM

The fourth benefit of integrating HubSpot with your telephony solution is the power a great telephony system brings to HubSpot. By using a dedicated telephony provider, you get a more professional experience than using a tool on a platform with several purposes.

Telavox's telephony solution is underpinned by a robust and dedicated infrastructure we have developed in-house. That means we’re in complete control and can make fast changes and updates to our technology.


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Benefits of integrating HubSpot with Telavox

If you integrate Telavox with HubSpot, here are some of the benefits:

  • Telavox looks up numbers for outgoing calls and fetches all relevant contact information in a pop-up. You’re able to view all necessary information about the caller’s history.
  • Want to listen to recorded calls and voicemails? No problem! We also log recorded calls on the contacts in HubSpot.
  • Just one click away is the option to look at the caller’s contact card.


If you've spent time on our blog before, you may have read about the benefits of integrating your PBX with your CRM. As it gets easier to handle tickets, you get powerful stats, and smart tools to help you improve your productivity. A HubSpot telephony integration works the same way. Why wouldn’t you want to reap the benefits of doing everything in a single platform and having all customer information at your fingertips?

Want to integrate HubSpot with Telavox? If you’re already a customer, your admin users can go to our App Directory right now and install the integration.

The App Directory is the place in our software where admins can view and install third-party software integrations.

Besides HubSpot, you can find integrations with Freshdesk and Salesforce and more.

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