Transforming customer experience: How Contact Lookup can revolutionise your business

Don’t waste time looking for customer information when someone calls! Instead, make sure that incoming callers automatically show up in your CRM. Contact lookup is a Telavox integration suitable for all kinds of CRMs. Let’s see how contact lookup can improve your company’s customer experience. 

The importance of customer experience in business success

Customers are more likely to continue doing business with you if they have a positive experience. That includes everything from their interactions with customer service representatives to the ease of navigating a website or purchasing something. 

A positive customer experience can also lead to word-of-mouth referrals and positive online reviews, attracting new customers and generating more business. So, prioritising customer experience is vital to creating loyal customers, driving business growth, and standing out from your competitors. Read more about how a contact center strengthens the customer experience.

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Using contact lookup to provide better support

Customers want personalised experiences. To provide them with that, your customer service team needs to see who’s reaching out and get the necessary information to help the customer ASAP. So, what companies can benefit most from using a contact lookup integration? All companies that receive incoming calls and want easy access to customer information, really. 

Contact lookup is like a further development of caller identification. When someone calls, the integration automatically searches your CRM so that the agent taking the call gets a detailed overview of the caller, like name, email, phone number, or the customer’s contact person at your company. The agent can automatically open the customer’s contact card to see the detailed information in the CRM or ticketing system, answer the call, and redirect the call to the responsible Account Manager.

4 benefits of using contact lookup to improve customer experience


1. Quick access to customer information

Contact lookup instantly lets you retrieve relevant customer information, including previous interactions, purchase history, and preferences. Just as previously described, this enables personalised and efficient customer service.


2. Streamlined communication

By integrating contact lookup into customer support systems, agents can easily access customer contact details, eliminating the need for manual searching and reducing response times. That leads to faster issue resolution and improved customer satisfaction as you can reduce time-to-resolution and other important KPIs.


3. Improved cross-department collaboration

As the integration makes it easy to share customer information across different departments, it allows for seamless collaboration. Sales, customer support, and marketing teams can access relevant data and provide consistent service, leading to a unified customer experience.


4. Integration with other tools and systems

Contact lookup can be integrated with various CRM platforms, helpdesk systems, or communication tools, enabling businesses to centralise customer data and get a comprehensive view of all customer journeys.


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How to implement contact lookup effectively

To get the most out of contact lookup, you must remember a few things. Most importantly, to consider using suitable systems. Pick systems that align with your business needs and integrate seamlessly with other systems that you’re already using. When choosing telephony platforms, consider the ease of integrating with your CRM. Or, if you’re in the market for a CRM, consider how well it fits with your telephony system.


Contact lookup ensures that the customer support team doesn’t need to spend time searching for additional information before helping the customer. That makes your customer support team more efficient, and your customers get help instantly, which probably results in them being happier, so it’s really a no-brainer, right? 


Telavox offers contact lookup integrations with many CRM systems. Our contact lookup integration means you can have a direct connection to, for instance, HubSpot inside the Telavox platform. The integration pulls information from HubSpot to Telavox, and you can easily view the customer profile directly. We also provide CTI CRM integrations with HubSpot and many other CRMs, where you instead insert the Telavox telephony features into HubSpot and make calls directly within Hubspot. 

Check out all our contact lookup integrations, and let us know if you have any other questions.

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