Infographic: How waiting time impacts customer experience

We’ve all had times in the past when we’ve been waiting for support. It might be standing in a checkout queue at the supermarket, or waiting on hold for our customer support call to be answered.

But making customers wait has a real impact on their experience. How does waiting time affect your customer’s perception of your company and services, and what can you do to provide the optimal experience?


Telavox Infographic_How waiting time impacts customer experience

Key actions to improve customer experience

  1. Respond to customer enquiries as quickly as possible
  2. Provide accurate information about how long customers should be expected to wait
  3. Offer to call customers back to reduce their waiting time
  4. Aim to make the waiting experience more positive by providing helpful information
  5. Acknowledge customer’s frustration when responding to enquiries


Providing a positive experience can be key to retaining customers and maximising revenue. Everything from how you welcome customers to the amount of time it takes to eventually solve their issue plays a role in how customers perceive your customer service, and ultimately, your business as a whole. Effective queue management and smart utilisation of online chat can allow you to provide genuine, impactful customer service and delight your customers. Balancing security requirements with the need for speedy issue resolution is another factor to keep in mind when structuring your support processes.


Whilst these things might sound daunting, the benefits of offering exceptional customer service are indisputable. Reducing friction in customer interactions can give you the edge over your competitors and ensure customers return to you time after time.

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