6 advantages of Telavox's PBX for transport & logistics companies

Transport and logistics companies know that well-functioning telephony is essential. Voice calls are drivers' primary means of communication, and customer service relies on telephony and the PBX to handle calls and provide customer service. Here you’ll find out why Telavox's PBX system is so well-suited for companies in the industry.


Customer service employees working in transport and logistics know there can be many daily calls. With Telavox, a haulage company can significantly improve their workdays by integrating their cloud PBX with the CRM system or reviewing PBX stats in our admin portal – things that make it easier for drivers and customer service. These are just some of the advantages of Telavox’s PBX system. Here are five other ways to make life easier for the transportation and logistics industry.

1. User-friendly application

A powerful telephony solution is still invaluable for transport and logistics companies as the customer service departments often receive many calls. A smart, user-friendly PBX solution creates better conditions, resulting in both happier employees and customers.


With Telavox, you can make almost all PBX changes yourself, without needing to contact support. Do you need to change the opening hours to attend a staff meeting? No problem! Set how to direct calls to the office or voicemail when people are busy.


Consumers today also demand a great experience and expect to communicate with companies in the way that suits them best. This means you need to be available via several channels, such as phone, email, and chat, so that they can reach you as efficiently as possible. With Telavox's PBX solution, everything is gathered in one platform, which makes it easier for you to follow customer requests.

2. Be available – everywhere 

Telavox's PBX solution is cloud-based and uses IP telephony, which is perfect for transport and logistics companies because your drivers can then always communicate with staff in offices and warehouses. Just make sure the driver's mobile phones are connected to your communication solution for everything to run smoothly.


By connecting the drivers' mobile phones to the PBX, using user-regulated profiles, and reviewing which number is displayed when someone contacts you, you can work efficiently – regardless of whether you are in the warehouse, the office, or out on the road.


But it is just as important to set profiles for when your staff are busy, sick, or on holiday. It makes it easier for colleagues as they can quickly see who is available, and for customers as they are not forwarded to an unavailable person. You ensure that no drivers need to receive phone calls when they have lunch and that calls are routed to other people within the company when someone is on holiday.

3. A solution for the Nordics (and beyond)

Telavox operates throughout the Nordics and in other countries, such as the UK, meaning a transport and logistics company can drive across national borders without having to worry about high call costs.


Telavox delivers complete native PSTN replacement in Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark, including local or regional support and localisation. That makes Telavox stand out compared to many other vendors that only provide a gateway solution to connect to local telephone operators, remote support and that can't support as many locales.


Call rates within the company are reduced and calls made to countries you have offices in are counted towards the included call minutes.


With a unified service for all your Nordic offices, you get smoother collaboration, better cohesion, and a unified customer journey. A common solution for the entire Nordic region means that staff can make free calls within the Nordic region. Read more about the advantages of a PBX solution for Nordic companies.

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4. Call recording

A call recording function is valuable for logistics companies considering heavy telephone traffic. Do you receive many large orders that you need to register? Are you still using paper and pen to log this manually? With Telavox, you can use call recording instead. This way, you can listen to meaningful conversations and take notes afterward, as it is possible to go back and listen again. It saves both time and money!


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5. IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a smart feature when all agents are busy and cannot answer the phone. One of the main reasons for frustrated customers is if they don't get a response or answer to their question. Therefore, you must be careful to notify customers when you are expected to be available again. Offering customers to call them back is a good option.


IVR is a great way to get customers to their desired destination immediately. With IVR, they can use the buttons on their phone to go through various options and then be connected to the right person. Providing clear instructions that make them move on and finally land with the right person increases trust and security.

6. Easier personnel management with licenses

Do you have a significant staff turnover? Many companies are stuck with expensive subscriptions, which becomes especially clear when employees leave. Telavox simplifies your personnel management as we use licenses instead of connecting subscriptions to people. They are entirely independent of users and numbers, which means they can be easily moved between users or terminated. You avoid unnecessary costs with automatic notifications showing which licenses are not used. Good, right?

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