A PBX system for Nordic companies – here's the ultimate solution

With a unified PBX system for all your offices, you can improve the dialogue with customers, fine-tune your internal collaboration, and get a completely superior communication platform. Here is the tool that will revolutionise your telephony!

This is what a PBX system should look like

How is your company's PBX and telephony doing today? Are you still searching for each other's phone numbers on Google? Or do you have everything in one app where you can reach your colleague in Denmark with just a push of a button? There is no doubt what today's companies prefer!

A modern PBX system should be intuitive, stylish and easy to use – both for administrators as well as employees working in customer service, in-store, the finance department or IT support. If your company is located in several countries, it should also be easy to find a colleague with the right area of responsibility whenever you need help with a specific question. At the same time, it should always be free to call between countries, no matter where you are at the moment.

A DIY model perfect for large companies

Usually, there are one or a couple of managers in each office who handle the administrative parts of the telephony for all employees. This can be a challenge if you have to deal with several (poor) systems that do the same thing. By gathering all communication within a single platform, you can reduce the number of suppliers and systems for telephony and PBX services. This will save your administrators a lot of time and headache, while also making employees happier!

An administrator's paradise

As an IT manager or administrative manager, it’s important to be able to help your colleagues use the PBX correctly, both in the office and across national borders. With a modern PBX system you rarely need to call support to get help making changes to your telephone system.

You can add and remove users, buy more data, order new SIM cards, or change profiles with just a few clicks. The best part is that you can easily delegate the same responsibilities to all local site managers! In this way, they can in turn manage all the administrative tasks for their particular team or office in their country – without even having to contact IT.

The ultimate cloud based PBX for the entire Nordic region

Since 2003, we at Telavox have developed and improved our telephony and PBX solution for companies across the Nordic countries and the United Kingdom. To this day, our solution has replaced around 12,000 communication systems of various kinds. We have created new functions according to our customers' needs and demands, and have gradually developed a market-leading and comprehensive solution for both computers and mobile phones.

Today Telavox’s telephony and PBX solution includes everything from chat and phone conference to the administrative freedom to handle users and data, right in your mobile phone. The interface is accessible, neat and user-friendly – and works exactly the same in both mobile and computer. We simply want both administrators and employees to be able to control their telephony completely on their own.

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Less administration – more security

The combination of being both a PBX system and an operator is completely unique to Telavox, and this way, our platform facilitates many things for administrators. Through the same contact at Telavox – your personal Customer Success Manager – you can get help with questions regarding both mobile data, IVR and referrals in the same place, and you never ever have to wait in a phone queue to add or remove users. With flexible licenses instead of fixed subscriptions, you can easily scale up or down the solution depending on your current needs, and all changes you make will reach the entire company simultaneously.

The benefits of choosing a cloud solution for your PBX also means that you are automatically up-to-date with the latest legislations – from personal data management to data breaches. By using Telavox's solution you’re never responsible for these parts yourself. Instead, we make sure that everything is handled according to current standards and regulations. This way, we help you increase security for the whole company! Get in touch with us to learn more.

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