5 benefits of having one communication platform – for all the Nordics

Does your company have offices in more than one Nordic country? But with different providers of PBX and telephony services? Then there’s a lot of money and time to be saved by opting for a unified solution instead.

A mess of different agreements, providers and invoices. Connections that stop working when you cross the border. High costs for internal calls. Annoying, isn't it?

Luckily, there's a better way. Yes! All these things will just seem like a bad dream once you’ve switched to Telavox

Here are 5 benefits you’ll experience from having one single platform for all your Nordic communication.

#1 Smooth collaboration and a stronger sense of community

With Telavox, your colleagues in the Nordics will feel closer and be easier to reach. 

Having one common and shared platform for all your telephony and PBX services makes it easier to cooperate and helps to break down silos. Seamless communication across national borders will strengthen your company’s culture and team spirit, encourage knowledge-sharing and lower the risk of misunderstandings.

#2 One provider – one contract

We have customers who’ve saved the equivalent of one person working full-time, thanks to the easy admin in Telavox.

Having the same provider for all of the Nordics dramatically reduces the time you’ll have to spend on administration. One provider means one contract and an entirely transparent overview of costs and invoices. Not to mention how much time the general ease of managing Telavox in itself will save you! 

#3 Lower costs and agile management

What used to take weeks, like adding a new user or ordering a new SIM-card, only takes minutes with Telavox. 

One benefit of a unified PBX and VoIP solution for all the Nordic countries are the immense reductions in costs that will follow. Suddenly, all your staff will be calling for free within the Nordics. And in Telavox, the IT manager can easily handle most parts of the admin without external help, and without having to wait. 

#4 A coherent customer journey

Telavox will know what country a customer is calling from, and will steer the call to the right person. 

With a shared and integrated platform for your PBX and telephony in the Nordics, it becomes easy to sync everything from call strategies to messaging and branding between the different countries. With Telavox, your customers will get a consistent and streamlined customer experience, regardless of what country they happen to be calling from. 

#5 Valuable synergies

Telavox makes it easy to direct calls between offices and countries. 

Sharing the same PBX system and telephony makes it so much easier to not only communicate over the national borders but to actually help each other out. Perhaps your support desks won’t even have to stay open all the time in all the countries? With Telavox, you can use statistics from your system to plan optimally for all of your offices. 

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