The solution that gives you the company’s best phone conference

The best phone conference is accessible, easy to use, and helps improve collaboration in your company. A solution that is designed to suit all types of businesses – and that is free. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Keep reading!

A simple solution that’s all about sound

There are many companies offering solutions for telephone conferences with a variety of different features – some simple, others more advanced. Regardless of what your business needs or what you want to invest in, having a service that is easy to use is key – for everyone! It shouldn’t matter how technically skilled you are, how stable your Wi-Fi is, or where in the world you happen to be. What’s important, we believe, is that the conversation runs smoothly and that the sound is reliable.

It might sound like the most obvious thing in the world, but in too many cases, a company’s employees may not even know that a phone conference solution exists. Of course, any solution becomes pointless if people don’t know about and use it! That’s why Telavox decided to create a simple, straightforward service, designed to become a natural part of everyday work.

Our solution for phone conferences is completely free of charge. Every user within the company receives a unique code, allowing them to participate in and set up phone conferences both internally and externally.

International numbers and easy codes increase accessibility 

A telephone conference is a well-established service that has been around for years, and it’s certainly not news that you can talk to just about anyone, anywhere in the world. But larger, global companies offering phone conferences sometimes run into issues when it comes to codes.

Since they need to provide a unique code for each user, those codes tend to be very long. What happens then? You guessed it: If many participants call in to join and have to enter a 42-digit code, the probability that someone types in a wrong number – and that it happens several times – is high. It is likely to delay the meeting, and it risks causing frustration among the other participants since many have packed agendas with back-to-back meetings.

Unlike traditional telephone subscriptions, the solution Telavox provide consists of licences that are not directly tied to a specific person or number. Instead of having to cancel and create new subscriptions, you can move licences freely between employees. 


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Another advantage of the personal codes is that they’re six figures long – definitely easier to remember! This lets users in your company send invites to conference calls effortlessly through the calendar, a text message, or an email. The only things you need are the codes and a phone number (there’s also an international number for when you’re abroad). 

To make joining a phone conference almost ridiculously easy, we have made sure that you just need to enter the number + a comma + the conference code. Your smartphone will then live up to its name by calling the number and entering the code itself, so you don’t have to do anything. Neat, isn’t it?


How Telavox provide the best phone conference 

The phone conference option is part of the Telavox solution, including company telephony, PBX, video, and chat feature. A cloud-based system that transforms your company’s smartphones into work phones. The app lets you handle all admin tasks yourself on your computer or your phone, and we continuously make new updates so that the platform performs at the top of its game.

Depending on the size of your company and what needs you have, we offer three different packages – all of them including telephony, video- and phone conferences, plus web- and calendar integration. Get in touch to learn more about our solution and how we work!

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