3 musts if you are considering business telephony

As a company, you want a telephony solution that is flexible and easy to use. At the same time, it must be cost-effective and have all the functions you seek. Regardless of your requirements and whether you are a small startup or a large global company, there are several things to keep in mind. Here, are the most important things to remember.

1. What makes a good phone number?

A phone number should ideally be easy to remember, pronounce and feel professional. Is it a geographically unbound number that ends with many zeros – even better! Local businesses usually make use of local area codes. But if you have customers throughout the country, use geographically unbound numbers.

Small business owners often make the mistake of using their private mobile phone numbers. Even if you are the only employee, you should use a fixed number.

Also, make sure to leave room for a possible expansion, and buy an extensive number series. With uniform telephone numbers, you create an internal community. It also shows professionalism and structure to the outside world.

When choosing a number, it is essential to look at the target group and where you are active. Your phone number must represent the company. Small business owners often make the mistake of using their private mobile phone numbers. Even if you are the only employee, you should use a fixed number. Remember that when a customer wants to reach you, it is the entrepreneur they are looking for, not the private person!

Your PBX number is your face outwards. As an entrepreneur, it is critical that you have a business phone number!


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2. Invest in IP telephony!

With IP telephony, you can say goodbye to cables and telephone jacks. All you need to have in place to call is an internet connection. IP telephony is the most natural and best choice you can make for your business telephony. But why? The two main benefits are:


  1. It is cheap (and sometimes for free)

    Since you are calling over the internet, IP telephony is much cheaper than traditional phone calls. That is possible because you don’t have to pay an extra network fee, and often no subscription fee either.
  2. It is flexible

    You only need to have access to a computer and to the internet to make and receive calls. That allows you to use IP telephony almost anywhere!

IP telephony offers lower call costs, higher mobility, versatile functions, smooth customer interactions, and better reliability. 

3. Do not miss this when investing in business telephony 

Telephony is critical for many businesses. If you choose the wrong solution, it can result in high costs, dissatisfaction, and lack of communication.

Here are some things to keep in mind:


  1. Make demands and ask for a demo

    If you are going to spend a lot of time in the system, it must meet all your requirements. Ask the supplier for a demo. Set up a test group with both the supplier and you as a company. In this way, you make demands on the supplier and get an insight into what your daily telephony work will look like.
  2. Involve the right people

    This point is related to the previous one: Involve users from different parts of the company at an early stage. The leaders must have their say, but you must also listen to those who will use the system the most. It can affect the entire communication of your company negatively if you don't.

  3. Choose a flexible solution

    You want a supplier who can help you through the whole process: from onboarding to your daily work. Make a list of the features you need, and make sure the solution can be scaled up or down as needed. A flexible solution and supplier is a future-proof one!


  • Choose a professional phone number that suits your business.
  • IP telephony is the way forward, thanks to its cost-effectiveness and flexibility.
  • Make demands on your supplier, involve the right people, and focus on scalability.


Telavox offers a smart and scalable solution for both startups and large international companies. Thanks to flexible licenses, you get a cost-effective and adjustable solution.

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