Telephony and Contact Center trends 2022

What is the state of the telephony industry and its contact centers in 2022? Is AI still the way forward? Must you really invest in omnichannel? This blog post discusses what telephony solutions are most interesting to focus on in 2022 (and beyond). 

Cloud-based solutions, by default

Maybe this is already crystal clear to you and nothing but a contact center trend for 2022, but it feels necessary to at least mention it. Many companies will continue to implement remote working, meaning the need for cloud-based solutions is not just imminent - it’s here already. Using an older stationary PBX makes it harder for employees to work remotely and comes with hidden costs


Another benefit of cloud-based solutions like cloud PBXs is the possibility of finding talented remote agents in other countries. Remote working really does come with a considerable amount of benefits. Read about 6 reasons why your company should embrace remote work.


Video conferencing tool

As many will continue with remote work, there’s a need to create better digital hybrid meetings, and you might need to consider implementing a strategy for video calls. Hybrid meetings, where some participants are at the office and others remote, will continue to increase, so it’s better to start preparing. We’ve got a comprehensive guide on how to adapt to the hybrid workplace which we recommend checking out.


A reliable video conferencing tool that ensures excellent audio and video quality is an absolute must. Learn more about Telavox’s video conferencing tool here.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) – for chat and more

One clear trend in 2022 (that has been ongoing for a few years as well) is that your customers have higher demands for how and when they can contact you. Simply having company phones isn’t enough anymore, but in combination with email, social media, and a chatbot – you’re ready to go! 


Live chat/chatbot

A chatbot is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) that is a convenient tool for customers wanting to reach out outside of office hours, maybe while sitting on the bus. This automated software functions as an intelligent interaction tool and lessens the burden on contact center staff. 


Getting help through a live chat, where you instead have persons responding to customer inquiries, is actually one of the most important features a company can offer online. And don't forget that AI is also behind call routing that automatically allows your contact center to route calls to the right person. 

Omnichannel – the rising star function of contact centers in 2022

Omnichannel communication is unified communication, something all companies should strive for. As today's customers are moving a lot and are active on so many platforms, companies need to address that. A first step is being available on the channels and devices customers use. Omnichannel enables companies to manage all customer communication in one platform, whether it is calls, emails, or social media. 


An omnichannel solution gathers all voice- and text-based communication in one view, which helps agents solve problems easier and reduces internal errors. Customers get a consistent user experience across all devices and channels. So, for a modern and personalised customer experience, omnichannel is the way forward for all contact centers in 2022. 

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Discover trends and gather analytics from your contact center

One crucial factor in improving your company's telephony and communication functions is tracking metrics and studying analytics. Study your customers and learn from their behaviour and adjust accordingly, if possible.


An important metric to measure is first contact resolution, i.e., solving a customer issue during the first interaction. On the same topic, it is also smart to look at ways to reduce the time to resolution; how long it usually takes for agents to solve issues.

Integrations – because your contact center deserves the best

Many companies are drowning in different communication tools. It can be difficult to get an overview of all devices, and many end up not being used at all – even though you're paying for them. So reducing the number of business communication tools you use is desirable. The tools you do use should be making your life easier. Using tools that allow for easy integrations with other tools is a great place to start, like integrating your cloud PBX with your CRM system or Microsoft Teams.

Summary: Telephony & Contact center trends 2022

The telephony industry is constantly changing, with new solutions and upgrades to existing systems. In recent years, we've gone from fixed phones and on-premise PBXs to mobile phones and cloud-based PBXs. As we're getting more used to working in the cloud, we instead focus on improving the way we communicate to strengthen the customer experience and enable better internal communication between employees. 


With intelligent solutions for video conferences and integrations between communication tools, you can establish a better working environment for employees. The omnichannel contact center will also prove beneficial to agents and create a much smoother experience for customers as they can reach you at any time – from any channel.

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