Integrating mobile BankID with your telephony solution

Mobile BankID ensures safe identification and is as crucial for Swedish companies or companies operating in Sweden as private citizens. Integrating mobile BankID with your telephony solution allows both parties to communicate safely. Learn more about the perks of the integration and how to go about it!

About mobile BankID

It is safe to say that a strong customer experience goes hand-in-hand with verification and security today. As customers are more concerned with digital security issues, your support team mustn’t only focus on providing the best possible customer support but ensuring trustworthy security. 


BankID is a Swedish digital identification service and the most common way of ensuring safe customer identification. It is best practice for most governments, regions, banks, and thousands of Swedish companies have added BankID to their services


BankID is directly connected to a user’s bank and their Tax ID (personnummer), making it a reliable and safe solution for the user and the companies they interact with. Currently, 8,5 million people use BankID, making it an excellent integration for all companies operating in Sweden.


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Perks of integrating telephony and mobile BankID 

There are three overreaching reasons for integrating your telephony with mobile BankID.


  1. Your customers can quickly identify themselves and feel confident that the process is secure and reliable.
  2. Contact center agents can see who they’re talking to early in a conversation or even before the conversation begins.
  3. Besides the safe environment provided by both customers and the company, you also create a more efficient process where the person contacting you won’t have to write down any information or send something to you. All that is necessary is to confirm their identity with their BankID password.

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BankID will prove helpful when customers want to make an order, get help with login information, or obtain sensitive information. And it has become an even more critical function with the introduction of GDPR, as it thus became even more important to know with certainty who sought contact. Consider, for example, how important it is to ensure that it is the right person who calls in and tells the support agent that they have forgotten their login details and need a new password.

How to integrate your telephony solution with BankID

The integration process is pretty straightforward. But before you can integrate your telephony solution with BankID, you need an agreement with a bank or reseller and an FP certificate. When you get that, you upload the certificate to your PBX solution and install BankID. When the app is installed, you can decide where you want the BankID check to take place in the flow.  


Integrating Telavox with BankID

If you look to integrate Telavox with BankID, there are two ways for identification:


  1. PBX verification

This process means you have the BankID verification process in your PBX flow. The identity of the person contacting the company is then verified before they’re connected to an agent. It saves a lot of time, it’s secure and efficient, and you always know that a person has been checked.


  1. Agent-triggered verification 

This is more suitable if you don’t have the same need to identify the person reaching out before the conversation begins. The customer support agent then activates the BankID verification during the call. That means that only the people you really need to verify the identity of are asked to verify themselves. For instance, identity verification can occur when the agent needs to discuss sensitive information. The agent can trigger a request via SMS or add the contacting person’s social security number and make a manual request.

Conclusion: Integrating BankID with your telephony

Ensuring safe processes for your company and customers is inevitable, and integrating useful apps like BankID is essential. Just a quick integration like this can have a significant impact on both efficiency and security.


Reach out to us if you have any questions regarding the integration. Also, feel free to read up on our other integrations and why integrating your cloud PBX with your CRM system is a good idea.

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