Buying a business phone – what applies?

Do I get a VAT refund when I buy a mobile phone for the company? And is it okay to use the phone privately? We sort it out for you in this blog post!

Do I get a VAT refund for buying a business phone?

When you buy goods or services for your company, you usually have the right to get back the VAT you have to pay.

In some cases, you may not deduct VAT or only parts of the VAT. But, if you buy a product or service only meant to use outside of work, you should never deduct VAT.

Can I use the business phone privately?

For many, it is almost impossible to be able to do their job without a cell phone. But are you allowed to use your work mobile privately? Many are unsure of the rules that apply.

In order to use the business phone privately and tax-free, the following conditions are required:

  • That you as an employer have a subscription for a fixed fee and that separating private use from work use is impossible. In that case, you can use the business phone outside of work.
  • That the employee must have access to his business phone even outside the workplace. If this is the case, it can also be used privately – tax-free.


More detailed information about what applies is available on the Swedish Tax Agency's website.

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