4 digital workplace tools that make remote teams collaborate better

The conditions for working remotely have changed enormously in recent years. For industries and businesses that have the option, it has become a necessity to allow remote work at least a few days a week. And with the help of digital tools, the majority of us can work as efficiently from home as in the office.


A study conducted by Owl Labs found that 16% of companies worldwide are fully remote. Companies like Spotify now allow all their employees to work remotely and instead work at home, in a cafe, or in the summer cottage. But working effectively outside of the office depends on the employer’s IT solution. The positive effects may not be achieved if the technology isn’t functioning correctly.


If your company has not had the habit of working remotely but would like to start doing so, these tips will help you. Because with the right digital tools, you can weld your team together and help them collaborate and work as efficiently at home as in the office.

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1. Chat – to stay in touch and correspond quickly 

Chat is the perfect tool for working remotely. It is easy to send short messages and get quick replies, and you can chat one-on-one or in chat groups. At Telavox, for example, we have created a chat room for all employees to get information about the latest news about the company.


2. Video calls – almost like meeting IRL

80 percent of the way humans communicate is via body language. And when email or chat is not enough, a video call is the closest we can get to a physical meeting. With Telavox’s video conference, you can easily organize internal and external meetings without hassle. You can get started with colleagues in an instant with our chat function. If you need an invite link to an external meeting, just copy-paste a URL from the PBX view.

3. Telephone conference – one app is all you need

The best telephone conference is accessible, easy to use, and creates better cooperation within the company. If you use your mobile phone, you usually only need an app. You can easily create an invite to the telephone conference and send the invite code to all participants. You can call directly from the app, either on a landline or mobile phone, meaning you don’t have to use your own phone. 

4. Cloud storage platform – it has never been easier to collaborate 

Make it easy for your colleagues to work remotely by allowing them to share and edit documents anytime, anywhere. The easier it is to access files, the better. Cloud-based workflows and file sharing software make real-time updates and provide complete visibility into projects and collaborations.


Telavox has since the launch of the company in 2002 been focusing on bringing business communication to the cloud. It shouldn’t matter if you’re stationed at the office or working from a moving train – you should always have access to all the information you need to do your job.  


For instance, if you use Microsoft Teams, you know that there are many possibilities for communication – from chat and video meetings to emails and collaborative documents. Teams is also the perfect platform for managing the entire company's telephony. Telavox has therefore made an integration with Teams to gather as much as possible in one app. Read more about how to implement Microsoft Teams and get tips on how to learn to use the tool in the best way quickly. 


Many digital workplace tools are out there, ready for your team to take on. Smart digital tools are essential for successful remote work, so if you want to help your employees work more efficiently from home, you should look into some of these. Chat, video calls, telephone conference options, and a cloud-storage platform are our best tips for creating a well-functioning remote workplace. Contact us if you have any questions regarding digital tools or Telavox.

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