The best phone conference is from your mobile

You have a phone conference in five minutes, but you’re stuck on the underground. Or you’re in a seemingly never-ending meeting, and if you don’t leave soon you’ll miss your son’s dance recital. These are common scenarios for most of us, and there is a simple solution: phone conferences from your mobile.

Like a regular phone conference – anywhere you want

Achieving and maintaining a good work-life balance is a top priority for many professionals today. As workplaces and lives become more agile, we do our best to combine work with other activities and make the most of the limited number of hours each day. 

A phone conference from your mobile phone works just like any other meeting – with the significant difference that the participants can be in the office, at home, commuting, or in another city or country.

The days where you had to use a landline to join a phone conference are over. Using your mobile phone instead of a stationary phone doesn’t add costs – and there’s no limit to how many people can join. That said, having 100 participants in a single conference is not something we recommend.


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Works just as well abroad

A scheduled phone conference doesn’t need cancelling just because you had to go to Germany for a few days – the solution could be right in your mobile, no particular actions required. The solution Telavox use lets you call your Swedish number if you’re abroad, or a local number (in this case, a German one). We have set up several local numbers to the countries we know you and your company phone regularly.

How a mobile phone conference works 

A mobile phone conference works just like the ones you join from your landline: Each participant has their own code and calls a particular number when the conference is about to start. If you use your mobile instead, you usually only need an app – and, of course, a smartphone to run the app on.

Here, you easily create an invite to the conference and then send the code to your participants. You can call directly from inside the app, through a landline, or from another mobile phone. In other words, you don’t even need to use your own phone.

Having a phone conference from your mobile is just as easy as joining from your office landline. With a wireless headset blocking out outside noise, it’ll be even easier to keep up with the discussions and hear what’s being said. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to walk home in the afternoon sun while you’re talking – two birds with one stone!

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