New feature in Teams: Sync your presence

What are the benefits of integrating your PBX and telephony with Teams? Read about the new features in Telavox: Presence sync and improved call handling.

Microsoft Teams has the unique advantage of gathering all systems to improve communication between your employees as well as your customers. But what are the benefits of integrating your PBX and telephony with Teams?

Efficient collaboration internally and externally

You can streamline both internal and external communication when you choose to implement Teams. For example, you can connect your telephony and CRM, which is guaranteed to delight customer service. Your support team can easily see contact cards with info on previous interactions by integrating the two.


5 benefits of integrating your telephony and Teams:

  1. All contacts are imported from Outlook. This makes them easy to reach, whether they use Teams or not.
  2. You decide what number to display when calling – your fixed number, mobile number, or the one to your PBX.
  3. You can answer directly in Teams or connect calls to your fixed or mobile number. You also get the option to manage call recordings and voice mail.
  4. Besides telephony and PBX, Teams can also integrate with mail, tools for analytics, and more. This gives you access to everything you need – even when you're in a call – without having to switch between tabs and windows.
  5. An integration results in a direct connection to Power BI. For example, it provides you with stats and data on call length and queue times. You can also analyse the usage of Teams and see whether your employees prefer video meetings, phone calls, mail, or chat.

Presence sync – now for everyone using Teams

The big news is that you can get a real-time update about users' availability. If you integrate Telavox with Teams, it'll be easier to see if the person you're trying to reach is available or not. This simplifies things for agents and receptionists, who can see if a user is in a call or busy in a meeting.


Previously, it's been possible to view one's availability in the system, both only individually in each respective platform. Because of this, a user could display as available in Teams but actually be busy in a call. With this solution from Telavox, the systems are in sync, which gives you an improved call flow and friction-less communication.

Choose how to handle calls – another update

Apart from presence sync, we've developed another new feature for you to choose how agents should handle calls. Connect your mobile phone especially, and make outgoing calls on different devices. Simply put, we've created different user scenarios depending on your call strategy: whether it's Teams only, mobile-first, or a combination of the two.


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How to succeed with the integration

There's a saying that a system isn't better than its users. That's why you must have both time and resources for the actual implementation. To succeed, you have to motivate what's needed, how the platform should be used, and what it entails. And last but not least: the benefits for the users.


Another tip is to use profiles to manage how users should receive calls. We recommend being clear on how to set this up in the organisation. Similar departments and roles should have similar profiles, instead of users creating their own. Profiles based on user behaviour simplifies things for the business as a whole 


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Microsoft Teams and Telavox

To work actively in Teams, you need a good system for telephony. We offer smart solutions for customer service and PBX, and the opportunities to tailor features are many since we own our platform. With our PBX, you can manage calls without leaving Teams and simultaneously keep track of users' availability.


At Telavox, we work tirelessly to develop our communications platform and smart solutions for telephony and PBX. We believe that administration should be simple – and we want to make it easier for companies to communicate.


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