3 scenarios that show the benefits of a company phone conference

Although today’s technology lets us hold internet-based meetings both internally and externally, there are advantages to having a good, old-fashioned phone conference. We’ve listed three common corporate scenarios where nothing beats a phone conference!

1. Allowing for more freedom in your corporate culture

While being present both physically and mentally during meetings is nice, the reality of today’s busy world often looks a little different. Holding meetings through video or voice calls, both internally and externally with customers, has become a habit for those looking to be more efficient, flexible, and productive. In order to maintain that work-life balance, a more open-minded approach to meetings is key. Let us paint a picture with our first scenario! 

Annika goes horseback riding three times a week. Since she has some distance to travel to the stables, she often needs to leave the office early so she doesn’t arrive too late in the evening. Her team just introduced a meeting on Thursday afternoons – which happens to be one of the days she usually goes riding.

To help Annika pursue something she’s passionate about, and make it easier for her to juggle everyday life, the team have decided to turn the Thursday meetings into phone conferences. Instead of having to stay in the office until 5 PM, Annika joins the meeting from the bus on her way to the stables. To Annika’s employer, what matters is that their employees do their jobs. Team members join conferences just as well from their mobile phones while heading out to go riding, or picking up their kids from daycare, as they do from inside the office. 


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2. Being open to more spontaneity 

Imagine you need a quick meeting between some of your company’s team members. You’re in a real hurry! Luckily, some of you are already in a conference room where you can make phone calls and put them on speaker. At the same time, some people who are out of office travelling need to be in the meeting too – like Annie, who is currently on a train bound for Gothenburg with severely limited internet access. 

The easiest solution is a phone conference through the regular GSM network, which will provide the best sound quality possible as Annie simply calls in to the meeting from her work mobile. What is crucial to remember is that Annie and her co-workers are all aware of this solution and know how easy it is. After all, the most important thing is that you know how to go about setting up a phone conference when the need arises.

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3. Enabling better planning

Emil, Susanna, and Efraim have a monthly meeting that Susanna usually organizes, and Emil tends to miss because he forgets to put it in his calendar. Emil and Susanna are located in Malmö, but since becoming a dad a few months ago, Efraim mostly works from his home outside of Lund. 

Their monthly meeting is important for the team to report back on what they have been working on during the previous weeks, and it is vital that everyone joins. To make sure that Emil doesn’t miss the meeting, and that Efraim can take part whether he’s home or not, scheduling a recurring phone conference is the optimal solution. An automatic reminder is sent to all participants, making it easier for everyone to join, no matter where they are.

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