This is how IVR reduces your costs

An interactive voice response (IVR) is an investment leading to lower expenses in the company. Adding a personal touch to your voice response works wonders for your brand. In this post, we describe how you can save money and promote your brand with IVR!

Time is money

How many hours a day does your receptionist or customer service spend answering the phone? Then think about how often those who answer the phone act as filters to forward the caller elsewhere! A task that is time-consuming for the company and leading to further queuing time for those who call.


With IVR, the caller can make their own choices and end up with the right person at the company directly. You do not steal time from other employees who must first listen to the customers' problems before they can forward the person.


IVR can lead to you removing services within the company that used to be necessary. And IVR can often replace the person who used to only answer the phone and forward calls.


The time the customers who call have to wait on hold is also vital. With IVR, they are quickly connected and know that they end up with the right person. The key is to keep your keypad options to 2-3 steps – no more! The customer should feel that it is a swift process and not have to spend several minutes dialling.

IVR can handle many calls simultaneously

Companies that use IVR can handle more calls than those who still work with traditional calls, which leads to higher efficiency. Some incoming calls can be answered directly by letting the automatic voice response inform about opening hours.


Thus, the staff does not have to spend time on the phone to explain such simple matters. The customer who calls also avoids the queue time and immediately receives a response as soon as they have entered your number.

Customer satisfaction increases

In some cases, a company PBX without a voice response risks sending customers the wrong way or disconnecting them. There is a good chance that once a customer arrives, they are angry because they were wrongly connected and waited long for the right help.


When customers themselves can reach the proper contact on the first try, IVR leads to higher customer satisfaction.


With IVR from Telavox, you record your voice responses yourself and have every opportunity to make it creative and fun. An IVR is no longer a robot-like voice that speaks unnecessarily slowly. Nowadays, you can put a personal touch on your voice response, which leads to your customers getting a good picture of you and the brand.


IVR leads to higher internal efficiency, fewer extra services, and higher customer satisfaction. All these parameters will, in turn, lead to you saving money and increased revenue for the company. Let's say you have over 100 million dollars in revenue and increase your call frequency for incoming sales calls by 3 per cent. That results in increased company earnings by 3 million dollars.


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