Telavox Talks: A podcast about humans and technology

Telavox Talks, a brand new podcast exploring the relationship between humans and technology has recently been released. It's available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Acast and other podcast platforms. But what can you expect from the show? We spoke to the people behind it to learn more.

What is Telavox Talks?

Telavox Talks is an episodic podcast featuring interviews with expert guests, each exploring a different topic. Discussions are wide-ranging, covering everything from the use of AI in politics, to the neuroscience behind why we get tired in hybrid work meetings.

“We decided to make Telavox Talks because our work revolves around the relationship between humans and technology. We’re in a unique position at Telavox, working in so many different fields like software development, telephony and communications”, says Dan Johnson, Telavox Content Marketing Manager (and one of the hosts of Telavox Talks).

"This means that we work closely with experts and stakeholders in different areas, like Dorthe Krogh Jensen from audio tech company EPOS, or leading figures in the AI space.  The discussions we were having every day were super interesting and we realised they would be equally relevant to people outside the company."

Telavox Talks is very much an in-house production.

"We were able to call on the expertise of our awesome colleagues who shared their skills and wisdom, either on-air or behind the scenes. The music you hear was written and produced by Oscar Hjelmstedt, Copywriter & Content Producer at Telavox. He also edited all the episodes and did all the audio magic that makes the podcast sound professional."

Episode 5, the discussion between Peter Sunde and Natasha Friis Saxberg was originally produced as a live webinar hosted at Telavox HQ.

"The webinar discussion was fascinating, and we felt that it deserved a wider audience. The content fit perfectly with the podcast format."

Didn't Telavox already make a podcast?

Yes! Telavox previously produced the Swedish-language podcast Sveriges IT-chefer. Whilst that primarily covered issues relevant to IT managers in Sweden (hence the name), Telavox Talks is more general and aimed at anyone with an interest in technology. Telavox Talks is also an English-language podcast.

"We opted to make Telavox Talks in English in order to make the topics accessible to more people. It makes it easier for listeners of course, but additionally meant we were able to talk to a wider range of guests and explore their fascinating areas of expertise. In the first five episodes alone, we've been able to call on the knowledge and specialism of guests from Argentina, Ukraine, Spain, Denmark and Sweden." says Dan.

What topics does Telavox Talks cover?

The first five episodes of Telavox Talks were released in June 2023, covering the following topics:

  1. Psychoacoustics, meeting culture and combatting audio fatigue
    Featuring Dorthe Krogh Jensen, CMO at EPOS
  2. Exploring ethical AI in politics, business, and life
    Featuring Zlata Kolsenyk, Head of Partnerships at Stockholm AI
  3. How AI is changing customer service
    Featuring Marlon Martinez, IT Manager at Numintec
  4. Choosing the best tech tools to work smarter and not harder
    Featuring Santiago Mazzoni, Marketing Manager at Numintec
  5. The new trends and threats of digital security
    Featuring Peter Sunde, founder of and Natasha Friis Saxberg, CEO at Danish ICT Industry Association

Will there be more Telavox Talks in future?

We hope so! Reaction to the first series has been very positive, so tentative plans are being made for a follow up featuring another batch of fascinating guests. Watch this space!

How can I listen to Telavox Talks?

You can use the player at the top of this page, or on our website. Or, if you prefer to listen to it on your usual podcast platforms, it's available on the likes of Spotify, Apple Podcasts  and Acast.


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