Telavox partners with ISUMO

Telavox is partnering with ISUMO, a London-based technology and IT support company. ISUMO currently provides a portfolio of products delivered through strategic partners such as SSE, Microsoft, Lumen and Veeam. The new partnership with Telavox will extend ISUMO’s service portfolio by adding Unified Communications & Contact Centre solutions.

 This is a strategic decision to strengthen their focus to provide a one-stop for IT, Telephony, WAN and Managed Hosting Solutions.

Speaking about the new partnership, ISUMO Sales Director Mike Newell said,

"Our mission is to deliver solutions that enable their customers to exceed their business objectives. Adding UC to our service portfolio will enable us to do that." 

With the retirement of ISDN and the demand for hosted telephony ISUMO have responded to the significant demand in the market and the challenges with the worldwide pandemic has exacerbated that demand.

"Telavox’s UC platform complements our service offering. We love the platform, it is easy to use, easy to manage, fully integrates with your CRM and outlook, but above all the platform is cost-effective."

The Telavox story began almost 20 years ago when two students shared the same entrepreneurial spirit to build a better communications platform hosted and managed in the cloud accessible by any device from any location.

One of the fastest growing telecom companies in the UK, Telavox operates a purely channel play business and bundled services with transparent pricing.  Unlike many UC providers Telavox own the platform from top to bottom, this means they are in full control over the security, availability, product roadmap and can innovate freely with their customers and partners.

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