Want to reduce your IP telephony costs? Here's what to look for

Do you know how much IP telephony really costs your company? Do you know if your supplier offers cost-effective solutions? If not, then it's time to look at your deal to find out if you need to make a switch. Here's what to look for.

1. What does it really cost to call via IP telephony?

Today's costs are markedly lower than they were a few years ago, especially international calls. But depending on which countries you're calling, the number of calls, and their length, the costs can vary.


That's why you should take a look at what it costs to call outside of the network to other carriers. Then, compare with other suppliers to ensure that you get a competitive price.


If your company makes a lot of calls to the US, for example, it might be that the prices for doing so are unfavourable. Quite a few suppliers offer a special discount for certain countries. They might also tailor the solution a bit to fit your needs. Find out what your possibilities are and don't settle for a standard price list.


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2. What's your monthly rate?

There's no reason to fear the monthly invoice. Today, there are lots of cost-effective subscriptions with fixed rates where call minutes are included at a relatively low cost.


However, some functions may require an additional cost, while other companies include an array of features directly in the contract.

3. For how long are you committed to the subscription?

The commitment can vary between companies, at times depending on the size of the company. Some are okay with having a longer binding time if it includes mobile phones or other hardware to be paid in instalments. Others prefer to be completely free and would rather pay a higher monthly sum.


Try to decide on what would benefit you the most. A subscription with a longer commitment might mean that you'll be tied up for five years, but you'll often pay a lower monthly fee. Start by evaluating your needs. Many of vendors offer different  commitments, so you can decide what fits you the best.


Have you realised that your subscription isn't the right fit for your company? Learn more about the ways your business can benefit from IP telephony!


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