Intuity Communications team up with Telavox

With steady and organic growth in the Nordic region, the award-winning Swedish IT and telecom company Telavox, teams up with UK channel partner and industry veterans Intuity Communications, enhancing their existing product portfolio of business telecommunications solutions and services.

Telavox disrupted the Swedish telecoms arena in 2003 when they entered the market with IP telephony and cloud PBX services. Since then, they’ve taken 20% of the B2B market from the traditional operators. The software communication platform has approximately 250,000 business users.  In this cloud-based communication platform, users can do everything from using and managing the cloud PBX and telephony, to real-time collaboration. The platform is easy to use, yet technically sophisticated and is developed to suit the new digital behaviour of today’s ever evolving workforce. 

The onboarding process was smooth

“Telavox’s onboarding process was incredibly easy and our Partner Manager was there to support us at every step of the way.  In order to uphold our ISO27001 and ISO9001 international standards, we required a lot of information from Telavox and this was provided to us in a timely manner.  We could not have asked for more”, says Julia Bunting, Marketing and Communications Director at Intuity Communications.

User-friendly interface

The Telavox platform will dramatically enhance any business, irrespective of size.  It is a compelling solution for small and medium enterprises, providing fast installation and immediate return on investment and it’s easy to use with its user-friendly interface, that is much in line with the latest consumer apps that we use in our everyday lives. It is also a great fit for large enterprises of 400+ users, providing full collaboration and integration capabilities with MS Teams, Salesforce and Google (to name a few).

“One size does not fit all.”

Speaking to Intuity Communications about why they chose to partner with Telavox, Julia said

“At Intuity Communications, we never blindly advocate technology and one size certainly does not fit all.  We take the time to technically understand every product we recommend.  We have been in the industry for over three decades and in that time have built a solid reputation as trusted advisors, which we would not want to jeopardise.   We are impressed with the Telavox offering, the speed of installation and the level of support behind the Telavox brand”.

Telecoms is a fast-paced industry that is rapidly changing and as an agile IT company, Telavox is market driven, ready to quickly adapt or deliver new and enhanced features that transform the customer’s telephony experience.

“Partnering with Telavox gives another option for a hosted telephony platform, for customers looking for simple voice capability and a scalable solution for those who are looking to integrate unified communication or contact centres seamlessly into their voice platform.  Telavox’s quick deployment is aligned to our own business ethos and enables us to demonstrate immediate benefits to our customers”, says Julia.

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