eRate officially joins the Telavox family

Telavox acquired eRate, the MVNE frontrunner in Norway, in December of 2021. After a full year of alignment, the two companies now move into the next phase under the same brand as one strong organisation.

“When we acquired eRate, the goal was to merge into one. We believe this is how to bring our customers the most value, and the addition of eRate to the Telavox family has made Norway our biggest mobile market. We look forward to what we can continue to achieve together”, says Viktor Karlsson, CEO at Telavox.

“Telavox is the ideal owner of eRate as the company ventures into a new phase of growth by taking on a larger part of the telecommunications value chain, most notably as an MVNO”, says Ove Vik, who now steps in as head of the Telavox MVNX team, focusing on the B2C market in Norway.

Why Telavox and eRate?

eRate has been the undisputed Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) leader in Norway, and this business combination has significantly improved Telavox’s Nordic offering and position. The two companies’ complementary strengths, eRate is strong in connectivity, and Telavox is strong in UCaaS. This powerful combination has created a platform where a solid UCaaS B2B business in Norway can accelerate.

As such, we have improved our offering for larger pan-Nordic and Norwegian customers. Also, eRate’s best-in-class MVNO capabilities are transferable to other geographies, which will benefit our customers in other European geographies.

We have significantly improved our offering for Norwegian customers by deploying Telavox UCaaS in the Norwegian market with Telenor’s superior network coverage, which has helped accelerate our user base in Norway and improve the overall offering to the benefit of our existing and new customers.

eRate in a nutshell

eRate was a Nordic business enabler with the platforms and agreements needed to become a mobile operator fast track. Founded in 2005 with headquarters in Oslo, Norway. eRate’s 50 employees have become part of the over 400 headstrong Telavox organisation. More than 350.000 end users through both B2B and B2C enabled customers have currently been enrolled into the Telavox system.

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