Amalfi Technologies becomes a Telavox reseller

Telavox is proud to announce its partnership with Amalfi Technologies, based in Surrey, UK, they are cybersecurity advisors and awareness trainers, GDPR consultants, virtual DPO’s, password management guru's, email security kings and offer the most flexible and cost-effective IT support for SME's. The new partnership with Telavox will help expand the range of products offered by Amalfitech adding cloud unified communications solutions to their portfolio.

Speaking about the new partnership Amalfi Technologies CEO Stephen Lark said,

"Why have a security company taken on board a Cloud telephony solution? Well, many moons ago Victor Kiam (Remington razors) said “I liked the product so much that I bought the company.” Well, I can’t afford to buy the company so instead I thought selling the product would be a winner.

“It started when I wanted a telephony solution for my company. I evaluated the marketplace and very quickly decided on Telavox. I was up and running in less than an hour (with all the features enabled), it was the simplest and most intuitive system to use, the pricing was all-inclusive and transparent and the contract was 30 day rolling.” 

“On top of that Telavox listened to what I wanted and did not keep trying to sell internet connectivity and mobile comms.  After using it for 3 months it was a no-brainer for Amalfi Technology to offer it as a solution which has so far been a great success. The reality is that our ethos perfectly dovetails with that of Telavox – openness, honesty, and transparency – which is perhaps why this is a dream partnership." 

From startup to one of the fastest-growing UCaaS companies

The Telavox story began almost 20 years ago when two students shared the same entrepreneurial spirit to build a better communications platform hosted and managed in the cloud, accessible by any device from any location.  With over 250,000 users on the platform already, it is one of the fastest-growing UC and Contact Centre solutions in the European market.

Unlike many UC providers Telavox owns the platform from top to bottom, there are a number of integrations as standard such as Salesforce, Hubspot and Zendesk to name a few allowing for more efficient working.  This also means they are in full control over the security, availability, product roadmap and can innovate freely with their customers and partners.

Partner Sales Manager Andy Brunt said,

“We are excited to welcome Amalfi Technologies to the Telavox family and look forward to working closely together to provide cloud communications to their extensive product portfolio.  By working together I am sure we can deliver world-class communications solutions to their customers in the coming months and years”.

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