5 reasons to choose VoIP softphones over desktop phones

Today, there’s no need to let a desktop phone take up space in your office. We’ve listed 5 benefits of switching from desktop phones to VoIP softphones. 

Most businesses today have transitioned from landlines to VoIP telephony. But many companies still have desktop phones that they use for calls when they’re in the office. We all know that old habits die hard, but the habit of “picking up” a phone instead of just answering calls on your computer is one that’s definitely worth challenging.

There are several benefits of leaving the outdated desktop phones behind and opt for softphones instead. A softphone allows you to take full advantage of features that will dramatically improve your company’s communication and customer service.


These are the top advantages of using softphones:

1. VoIP connects your employees – wherever they are

With softphones, it becomes a whole lot easier for colleagues on the move to stay connected. They can communicate with their team members and clients using the same phone number as if they were in the office, thus providing a seamless communication and customer experience.

A softphone also has a range of features gathered in one place. You’ll get an excellent overview of your colleagues, can contact them easily through chat, and get notified when your coworkers are available (or not). That way, you can guide your customers and provide them with the right answers.

With a softphone, you can do all those things and more, without taking your eyes off the computer and having to run around the office looking for people.

2. A unified communication experience

Using a softphone means that there’s just one number for your business contacts to call and keep track of. This makes it easier to get in touch with you wherever you are, thus minimizing friction in the communication process.

A softphone is as much a tool for your customers as for yourself. Your customers deserve fast and reliable answers, and you deserve a hassle-free experience. A VoIP phone system saves time and increases customer satisfaction.

3. Lower costs with softphones

Desk phones are costly to purchase, install, and maintain. And there really is no reason to have a desktop phone when you have a VoIP phone system. Softphones are software-based phones, operating on your computer. This means they’re much more powerful than any desktop phone can ever be.

With a softphone, you get continuous updates and a wide range of features – things that don’t cost anything extra. It’s an easy, cost-effective, and reliable solution. With built-in features like the ability to keep track of the call queue and create statistical reports, you can make informed decisions that will save you money in the long run. 

Most desktop phones lack HD-voice, which means the overall sound experience using softphones is better.

4. Greater access to useful features

Other benefits of softphones are all the extra features that you’ll suddenly have access to. Modern software has capabilities like the transcription of voicemails, call recording, creating statistical reports, and keep an eye on the call queue.

A tool such as the statistical reports allows you to manage the staffing of your PBX. That way, you can make sure that your customers get the answers efficiently and professionally. Smartly managing the PBX allows you to care for your agents. You’ll prevent burnout since your agents won’t be stressed out, knowing there are hundreds of calls waiting.

5. Fantastic with less plastic

There’s also an environmental benefit with choosing a softphone. Electronic waste is an increasing problem: toxic materials, damage to the atmosphere, and water pollution are just a few of the possible effects of e-waste. Over 150 million phones are dumped each year, and only 12.5 percent of e-waste is recycled.

Therefore, there’s no need to contribute to the pollution of our planet by getting unnecessary plastic devices, when your computer does a better job in every aspect. That’s why a softphone is the smartest choice – both for your company and the planet!


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