3 ways to break down silos across national borders

Does your company have offices in several Nordic countries? Then there is money to save, silos to break and synergies to be made by choosing one, common platform for all your business communication. 

Most business leaders are familiar with the challenges, hidden costs and missed opportunities that come with silos. Information gets stuck, the same work is performed several times, teams are not aligned, and internal subcultures can arise and undermine your company’s values. This is a challenge that becomes more tangible, the more an organisation grows. Even more so when it grows to encompass several countries.

Luckily, there's an easy fix: great internal communication. A culture of communication is the opposite of silos and the only way to sustainable growth. 

So, how does one achieve great internal communication?

#1 Create a culture of collaboration

The customer journey has evolved to encompass stages that engage all departments of your company, from marketing to sales and customer support. This means your organisation needs to act as ONE TEAM. A shared platform for communication gives everyone insight into the work of the different departments, which allows for a whole new level of synergies.

#2 Lower the threshold to communication - regardless of channel

It’s important to keep in mind that different situations require different ways to communicate. There’s a time and place for emails, chat, phone calls and video conferences, and there really isn’t one channel that can replace the others.

The magic lies in truly unified communication platforms, like Telavox, that unifies your native mobile, fixed and softphone calls, PBX features, chat, collaboration and video meetings – all in one user-friendly solution. This enables your colleagues to keep track of who’s busy in a mobile call, in a meeting or on vacation, and to easily switch between calls, video and chat to collaborate in real-time. This improves communication for everyone, thereby increasing productivity.

#3 Make sure your whole company is using the one and same (user-friendly!) platform 

You don't want a fragmented and messy stack of communication tools, where some of your employees are texting on WhatsApp, some are emailing while other is collaborating in chat groups. A scenario like that is not only detrimental to collaboration but also creates significant risks of data breaches.

At Telavox, we know all of this to be true. Now, how do we know that?

We know this because it's what has enabled us to grow from a small startup in an attic, to one of Scandinavia's leading providers of Great Business Communication. 

We are our own super users. That means our own development team relies on Telavox for their communication. Which in turn means they will immediately notice if something is not great, and attend to making it great. Because they need it to be, to be able to do great work. Just like you do. 

Conclusive insights:

  • Don't get a tool that only works for some parts of the company. Choose a platform that everyone can and will use. 
  • Introduce chat to enable and encourage a new level of cross-functional and cross-departmental communication and collaboration. 
  • Choose a collaborative platform that is user-friendly and intuitive so that all co-workers actually use it, and make it part of their every-day workflows. 
  • Replace old and outdated intranets with a modern and agile platform that can be integrated with your whole eco-system of other cloud-based tools.


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