Flow takes care of your telephone when you have customers in the store

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When the store is full of customers and there are long queues, it can be difficult to find time to answer the phone. Customers try in vain to reach you, and you risk missing out on important orders. But don’t despair, this is where our communication solution Flow can help.

The summer was hotter than ever, and this sweltering weather has been great for ice cream sales. At the Danish ice cream chain Paradis, which serves ice cream inspired by the Italian gelato sold in Rome, long queues have been forming outside the stores across the whole of Denmark. It goes without saying that the staff do not have the time – nor the free hands – to answer the telephone when ice cream needs to be served up to the sun-baked customers.

Touch tone captures the major orders
Irfan Janjua has worked at Paradis for 12 years, and is currently the owner of six ice cream stores around Copenhagen together with his colleague Waqas Khilji. When Irfan started working in the store, he made ice cream and stood behind the counter; today most of his time is spent focusing on management and running the stores.

“Previously, many phone calls went unanswered because the staff were too busy serving ice cream. Another issue was that the employees in the store were not able to answer the type of questions being asked. If a customer called to order ice cream for a hundred people, with four different flavours plus accessories, and wanted a cost estimate for this, not many employees would have been able to give an answer without consulting me first. Now, however, everyone who calls is able to use the keypad to reach the right person who will be able to answer their query. If it concerns corporate events or large-scale orders, the customer is diverted to me at the office. This means better service and happier customers, not to mention allowing those working in the store to devote their time to doing what is most important – making really good ice cream”, explains Irfan.

Open or closed
Customers often call in order to place large orders, but the stores also receive many phone calls enquiring about opening hours.

“Naturally, people don’t want to make the journey to the store if there’s a chance that it may be closed, particularly on public holidays. We always leave a recording of our current opening hours on the answering machine, so customers can obtain the information quickly and easily”, says Irfan.

With help from Telavox Advisors
Irfan Janjua emphasises that using Flow is a very simple process, but that he has benefited greatly from his personal Advisor at Telavox.

“It can be about anything from a specific question concerning the key selection function to a query regarding invoicing, data usage, or that kind of thing. Our Advisor is available on the phone, and we get the help we need”, concludes Irfan.

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